Hotel Azúcar, a Sweet Escape

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Aaaazucar! This is the word that the famous singer Celia Cruz pronounced emotively in all of her presentations; it is also the name for one of the first hotels of Grupo Habita. Veracruz was chosen to be the place to construct this hotel because of the importance of cane fields in here; Hotel Azucar is a tribute for the sugar industry in our country, as well as for the Cuban singer. The 20 bungalows have a terrace to enjoy peacefully the greatness of the Gulf of Mexico; its architecture is defined as tropical and ranchera. Carlos Couturier was the genius mind in charge of developing the interiors of this heavenly place with white and spacious rooms detailed with colorful accessories. The irregular formed pool exudes a positive energy that makes it perfect to enjoy on the pink loungers; you may also read your favorite book in the outdoor library built under a palapa. Xochicalli means house of flowers and it is the name given to the holistic place where you can have a massage made by professionals or some other treatments like peels, enclosures and facials. If you want to celebrate an anniversary or just have a relaxing weekend this hotel is what you are looking for.

Photos by Undine Pröhl

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