Jashita Boutique Hotel in Tulum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is important to visit beautiful places while being aware of the maintenance and conservation that goes into keeping an area beautiful and maintained. Tulum is a vibrating, living jewel in Mexico. This place began as jungle and a turquoise sea; a prehispanic seaport and an area of absolute magic. With time it has increasingly developed as a tourist point for Europeans, Canadians and Americans. So far, the hotels, restaurants, shops and people have taken care of the growth and development of this magnificent space, committing themselves to maintaining the magic that still makes locals and visitors fall in love with it.

Wonderful hotels that take care of their surrounding environment and continue to offer a luxurious and comfortable stay are the ones we love, like Jashita Tulum. This beautiful space is best defined as a portal; its architecture will take you out of this planet. It is respectful to the environment and is surrounded by the colors of the Mexican Caribbean nature and overflowing aromas raise awareness and stimulate each sense of your body throughout your stay. It is located in Soliman Bay and the relaxed beach will become one of your favorite spots. The beauty of this bay lies in the fact that today, it is still the best kept secret among the people of the village and the Riviera Maya. It is the most protected bay throughout the Riviera Maya which ensures a wonderful experience with snorkeling and swimming between the crystal clear waters. Jashita is an exclusive luxury where you can enjoy natural miracles while elegant architecture and decor provide a sophisticated and simple stay.

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