Javier Peláez

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Born in 1976, Mexican artist Javier Pelaez develops his plastic work by experimenting with painting and drawing. Within the art vortex that is happening in Mexico City, this great artist keeps himself away from the lights of the cameras and the constant art shows and more close to his study, his brushes and his work. This fact is reflected in the great technique that he has achieved and this is only with years of perseverance, a lot of talent and a lot of practice.

His work has been exhibited in art fairs in Mexico such as ZONA MACOXVI Biennial Tamayo, TOCA Gallery  and many more Mexican spaces. His work has also been presented in Berlin, Miami, Palm Beach, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Caracas, Bogotá and many more places. Since more than ten years ago, Javier Pelaez has participated in art auctions and individual and collective exhibitions.

He is without doubt one of the most prominent figures of the figurative painting in Mexico; his participation shines as a leader of the contemporary painting movement of his generation. Javier Peláez is an inspiration and example for many younger artists that are trying to regain the value of the real painting. During his years of education, he made his work close to classic realism, although, throughout his career he has achieved what many artists could never conceive of: creating his own language. His work is a constant question on the perception of reality. He presents existential issues through the technique he has created while giving a spectacular visual speech: flowers, nature, water and life-cycles that are seen through mirrors, through mental abstraction, through different layers that are mixed between the reality of the same space where the work is located and the reality to which it takes viewers. It is a complete visual spectacle and you are fortunate to see one of his works face to face.




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