The Lonja Mercantil at Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The Lonja used to be the shop in Mexican colonies in which there were different items needed in every home. Today it is the design fair that is exposed in different enigmatic places of Mexico City, presenting the best design marks, furniture, objects, fashion, jewelry, accessories, crafts and textiles. This year it was presented in an old house in the hip district of Colonia Juarez and joined with PUM to bring the fair to another level.

Mexico continues to grow with strength in its current position on art, design, textiles and much more. The innovation, creativity and talent of Mexico also continues to grow and we believe that the exposure is just the beginning. At the Lonja you will likely find the best representation of Mexican talent and the different options for collecting these “home objects” in a contemporary way. The home plants, clothes, textiles, furniture, jewelry, drinks, lighting, crockery and the way in which people live their lives are unlimited and chosen individually in this space that offers endless possibilities. It is incredible to see the material representation of the mind of every one of the creators and exhibitors who are presented. Without forgetting that the fair is an event in which the experience of the “space” is wonderful on its own, it’s clear to see that imagination and creativity begin from the montage of each one of the spaces.

PUM was born under the initiative of the Lonja and Mezcal Union. It represents the national contemporary art, with the intention of representing it in different parts of the world to show the most talented and creative face of Mexico. The second edition of its presentation is carried out with the Lonja, and during the four days of exhibition hosted by the most outstanding projects in the scene of design, art, gastronomy and music. Mexico is not only rich in history and culture that cause an immediate plastic result, Mexico is inevitably rich in the immensity and diversity of talent and creativity that will continue to shine.


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