La Perla Mosaico: The Perfect Detail

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to reinvent a room at home; mosaics are the best option to transform boring places into fun and original ones. La Perla Mosaico is a Mexican company from Guadalajara, Jalisco; they have worked for a long time in this category achieving a quality and beautiful product. Mosaics are made by craftsmen, piece by piece in a careful and thrilling way, this is why it is such a valuable product. La Perla Mosaico offers you the opportunity to design your own mosaic, this way you can select the colors and forms you are specially thinking about. We recommend you to choose carefully the place to put mosaics because it is a complex process. Do not saturate their use in your house or store; they are just the perfect detail.

1. Geometric and floral patterns are the most wanted ones because of the visual effect they accomplish.

La Perla 1

2. You can place mosaics on big areas such as walls and floors, or just on little details as in a tables or pots.

La Perla 2

3. Mosaics are placed in commercial and residential projects; they will make a big difference in the before and after pictures.

La Perla 3

4. Do not hesitate to visit their web page, you will find interesting information in there.

La Perla 4

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