So Much More Than Paradise: Casa Macaria

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Having the sea in front of you when you wake-up, eat and sleep definitively makes life so much more beautiful!

Macaria House enjoys this privilege. It is a private home available for rental public. It is located a few kilometers away from the known surfing point Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca; however the houses is constructed in front of a private-virgin beach that gives you the feeling of being out of this world. The global location of the House makes it easy to develop the  wonderful green surroundings of the house: it’s inside a Oaxacan rainforest, surrounded by palm trees, prickly pear and  incredibly varied flora and fauna. Be prepared to experience a really unique time in this house,organic living combined with all the  luxury amenities that villa should offer: first class service, awesome food, and surprises at every corner of the House.

It is for this reason that Macaria House caters for people from all over the world throughout the year without fail to meet the different tastes of each one. The Architecture and  Interior Design of Macaria House are pillar attractions: The architectural project is the work of Arq.Bernardo Quinzanos and Arq Ignacio Urquiza. It is a project designed to enjoy each and every corner, making perfect spaces for relaxation and comfort always having in mind the perfect temperature and light for rest and enjoyment. An extra check for malaria House is having always the perfect blue faded sea in the background. The project is designed to thank planet Earth for everything that has been offered to us, a self-sustaining architectural project. Macaria House contributes to make architecture that does not make necessary to turn on the A/C because it has natural ventilation, natural lighting that illuminates the majority of the spaces throughout the day, palapas and open rooms that achieve the best temperature for a wonderful state of dwell . Equal consideration with solar water heaters that are driving the irrigation system of the gardens that surround the house, the divided wastes are used as fertilize  in addition to having its own orchard. It also has a recovery space of wetlands that had been devastated by the agricultural utility and today have been transformed in plantings. Macaria House is a space that respects the habitat completely and returns to nature that which has been provided to us.

The Interior decoration project is merit of Ana Hegewisch of Usobiaga, owner of Macaria House and obviously  a passionate of decor. Ana chose a Mexican clean style, almost completely serene but with  fun hints of color. The entire decoration consists of details that  will get a smile out of you and will make you feel at home. It is unique and made out of authentic ideas, all of its characteristics are a reflection of the great taste and talent of the decorator who said: “In the home furnishings and decor have a life of their own, it is necessary to move constantly for achieving in the reinvention of the spaces”.  It is part of the charm of staying in Macaria House, feeling the love with which it is designed.

The fabulous and always open kitchen is at the helm of a professional cook who makes special menus for each guest. It is a kitchen full of possibilities, ready to surprise and satisfy customers. Keep in mind that you will be pampered by delicious ceviches, fresh seafood, typical regional food and antojitos mexicanos! Macaria House service will be in charge to take care of each one of your doubts, needs and requests. The charm of this paradise has brought  Macaria House to become a multifacetic space for vacation with the family, for bachelorette parties, different events and the newest trendy concept: “Macaria Bootcamp” which is carried out in specific dates. This Bootcamp consists in making a weekend of exercise and optimal nutrition. It is a weekend of enjoyment and energy including workshops in nutrition, wellness and kitchen. With the intention of obtaining a powerful teaching and an exercise routine that will make your life more healthy and satisfactory. Macaria Bootcamp is a integral program, taught by professional trainers and nutritionists. It is the perfect mix between yoga, HIIT cardio, pilates, first-rate food, massages and the information for a better living. Achieving not only to look better but to enjoy a holiday of healthy luxury. Casa Macaria is so much more than paradise!



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