Malte Taller: Unique Creations

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

The peltre is one of the most used materials in Mexico since ancient times and is the result of an alloy of various metals. It has hardness and great resistance to abrasion. It is very easy to clean and store and it is extremely hygienic, making make it one of the best materials for cooking. The Mexican company Malte Taller is converting these classic products into fun and original objects. Based on graphic design they create innovative and contemporary products with handmade touches that reflect the essence of Mexico. Their quality is not compromised at any time; Deni Correa, Olaria Agis and Urani Pérez, creators of the brand, are always on the lookout for each of the processes. Cups, dishes, spoons, teapots and more, all feature fun illustrations that give a special touch to your table. It is important to note that in addition to having set collections they can also customize products, for example, cups with your name for your birthday party or crockery as a gift for newlyweds. Malte Taller is one of the many examples of people in Mexico with great talent who turn their knowledge into products or services of excellent quality.

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