The Design of MN ROY, Mexico City’s Most Exclusive Nightclub

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located in the most active district of Mexico City, the Colonia Roma, MN Roy is one of the most exclusive nightclubs of the city. It is inside a space which doesn’t have much to say from the outside as the original façade was preserved without any trace of the fun and madness that lives within it.

MN Roy is exclusive not only because it is one of the most sought after night clubs but because it is a design and architectural jewel that is enjoyed only under night lights. It is the work of the architecture office Chic By Accident that is led by Ludwig Godefroy and Emmanuel Picault. The designers understood and knew how to develop a space with frenetic architecture that expressed pre-hispanic elements, which could speak the feelings of this new, deep, solid and contemporary Mexico. MN Roy is made of different elements that make up the spaces, complete with a large room for dancing with a DJ stage. You can enjoy great cocktails and dancing until dawn and it is without doubt a space that brings together people from Mexico City and visitors of the world. MN Roy is transformed by nights as the most active and fun place in the area, a multicultural cooking pot that looks out of this world.




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