Narigua: Imposing Beauty

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a big house in the middle of nature where you manage to hear the sound of birds and the wind blowing, this is the place. It is a project of P+0 Arquitectura, led by David Pedroza Castañeda. The house is located in El Jonuco, a region of the state of Nuevo Leon where you live with the flora and fauna of the northeastern part of Mexico. The biggest challenge in the creation of this house was to achieve the view of the trees at the same time that they respect the vegetation, and that is how it came to the flying structure that has a higher altitude than the trees. The building is divided into three prisms: the first one with parking and service areas, the second with a hall, the master bedroom and communications to the lower level, and in the third, you can find the kitchen, services and social area. The terraces and the large windows are an important part of the house, because from there you can enjoy a better vision. The mixture of materials gives Narigua a timeless rustic style that is the perfect setting for the coexistence of objects from diverse sources, such as antiques, contemporary pieces, masks and sculptures. I have nothing but congratulatory words to all those involved in this project.

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