Say Goodbye at Jasha Spa

In Los Cabos, Stay by Suzanne Koch

The JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa has only been open a few short months but it’s already become a desert paradise. The Puerto Los Cabos resort is filled with high-class amenities and gorgeous surroundings. Jasha Spa, the resort’s signature spa has become a standout feature of the sprawling hotel and is tempting to anyone.


The spa, like the resort, was designed by architect Jim Olson and is 6,560-square-feet of relaxation. The menu of treatments is inspired by local heritage and tradition and uses modernized versions of Aztec instruments like the Temazcal. Used as a therapeutic instrument to promote health and well-being, the Temazcal at Jasha Spa is nestled in the spa garden and surrounded by relaxing loungers. Guests can de-stress during a light or medium session, both of which are guided by an actual Temazcalero.



Inside the Temazcal

Inside the Temazcal

Along with ancient treatments, Jasha Spa has traditional treatments like body scrubs and foot baths in its 12 treatment rooms with private gardens. The spa also boasts indoor pools, a hydrotherapy circuit, men’s and women’s lounges, plunge pools, sea salt steam room, sauna, and more.

Fun Fact: The word Jasha (Jasha-am) means “Goodbye” in the native language of Cochimí.


For more information on the spa and its full treatment menu, click here.

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