In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The architecture office of Sordo Madaleno was responsible for giving life to this space located at the heart of Polanco in Mexico City. Sylvestre Mexican Grill represents the best of Argentinian cuisine and Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is the newest member of Group Hunan and its creation is the new luxury and gastronomic experience option of the city.

The restaurant is located at Anatole France street and merges two kitchens together into a wonderful gastronomic concept. The combination of the contemporary mexican cuisine with Argentina is the highest level of splendor. On the lower-floor guests will find the bar and a library as a smoke-room, while on the upper-floor there is a restaurant with a large terrace. The whole concept was developed with the highest standards of architectural materials and wonderful design. The atmosphere of Sylvestre was inspired by the novel “The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard,” and combines classic elegance with overflowing nature in all spaces of the large house.

Sylvestre offers typical dishes like the classic wild mushroom soup with brie cheese, and epazote fried noodle soup with a touch of parmesan; sopecitos of griddle with chicharrón, abalone with chipotle; escamoles (ant eggs), beans with pork, shrimp with tamarindo sauce and the famous cochinita pibil, among other dishes.To enjoy contemporary Mexican food, Sylvestre is a great option to delight both locals and foreigners.




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