Be YouWho, Mexican Body Lotion

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexico is a country that has huge natural wealth. The plurality in climates, flora and variety of species is really endless. Many times we consume “natural” products that are produced in other countries but now there is a Mexican option of body and hand creams and future cosmetics with beautiful branding that is produced in Mexico with Mexican raw material. We are totally in love with this brand that is named You-Who whose branding features pastel colors that really do not have a Mexican identity but it is a brand that opens its doors to a larger international audience to compete with others of this caliber. And this is Mexican pride!

Some of You-Who‘s first products they have completed include hand moisturizers of different fruits like watermelon, green apple, coconut and mandarin. All the creams have the following characteristics.

*SPF 50
*30 ml
*Free of parabens
*Not tested on animals
*Includes two stickers!

The creams moisturize and protect your hands with the fruit cream you choose. All of these beautiful creams are made with natural oils, royal jelly, organic bee honey and natural extract of different aromas and products. They are fun, natural and most importantly, Mexican!

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