Interview with Andrea Lomelí, Honeymoon Concierge and Luxury Specialist

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Meet Andrea Lomelí, honeymoon concierge and luxury specialist with a passion for designing high-end experiential tailor-made honeymoons for today’s discerning traveler.

IM: What is a honeymoon concierge and why does every newlywed couple need one?

 AL: A honeymoon concierge is someone who specializes in designing a travel itinerary to suit the couple’s needs and tastes. It is recommended to hire a concierge in order to choose the best route, hotels and restaurants that meet the honeymooner’s expectations.

IM: How did you become a honeymoon concierge?

AL: About seven years ago I began to specialize in honeymoons because I realized it was a segment in the travel industry that lacked specialization. There were travel agencies specializing in luxury travel, but none of them specialized in honeymoons and I realized that the needs of honeymooners and the planning method are completely different from other types of trips.

IM: What do you love the most about what you do?

AL: What I love the most about what I do is that I get to pass on what I know and help others enjoy the same experiences that I have.

IM: Tell us a little bit about the creative process involved in planning the perfect honeymoon. As a luxury specialist, what are some of the things that are most important to you?

AL: The planning process is something that I consider to be unique for each individual couple. First we have to identify the personality of each individual and see what type of trip will be planned. You want to be able to come up with a plan that honors the wishes of both individuals. Once I have a sense of their personalities, I try to present them with destination options that suit them and their plan. I always try to offer choices so that they can have options and eventually favor one of them.

Once they have a preference for one or two routes, I present them with various proposals to see which route is ideal for them. Based on the option they select, I try to explain to them the day-by-day activities in order to confirm the final details.

The difference or the added value that I provide as a concierge is in all the activities to be enjoyed during the honeymoon.

IM: What is your definition of a perfect honeymoon?

AL: The perfect honeymoon is when the couple has no initial expectations and come back amazed by each of the destinations and by all the finer details.

IM: What is your favorite honeymoon destination in Mexico?

AL: The best honeymoon destinations in Mexico are its beaches on the Caribbean, without a doubt.

IM: Your Top Five Recommendations for Luxury Resorts in Mexico:

  1. Imanta (Punta Mita)
  2. Nizuc (Punta Nizuc)
  3. Belmond Playa Maroma (Quintana Roo)
  4. Las Ventanas al Paraíso (Los Cabos)
  5. Grand Velas Playa del Carmen

IM: Your Top Three Recommendations for Boutique Stays in Mexico:

  1. Rosewood San Miguel de Allende
  2. Cuixmala
  3. Villa Maria Cristina (Guanajuato)

IM: Luxury travel trends have shifted with the rise of experiential travel. Could you give us an example of a unique honeymoon experience you have planned for a recent client?

AL: That is definitely the case, people no longer want to just travel and sight-see; they want to feel immersed and to enjoy memorable experiences. A wonderful experience that we recently planned was in Moscow. We had a couple enjoy a guided tour of the city, led by a very experienced and knowledgeable guide, but the tour took place as the couple leaped across the  rooftops of buildings. It was incredible; the couple was able to explore a very cool neighborhood without ever having to walk the streets. They spent three hours wandering across rooftops, stairways and chimneys, and the views were completely different from those of any other tour.

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