Your Retro Style Wedding

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

Hello Acapulco, we love you for being unique! The city, located in the state of Guerrero, is one of our favorite beach destinations, with its delicious seafood, the most fun nightlife and a sea that is like its people: fresh, vibrant and beautiful. In the fifties, the famous harbor was the place where everyone wanted to be, even major Hollywood celebrities visited it frequently. It was at that time that architect Antonio Pelaez gave life to this grand building, which was recently redesigned by Frida Escobedo, Jose Rojas and Fernando Romero, who did an excellent job in keeping the vintage essence while still adapting to the needs of the twenty-first century. The glamorous but lighthearted essence of the hotel is easy to perceive, and that is why it is an excellent place for casual yet stylish weddings. Hotel Boca Chica has different spaces for events depending on the number of guests. Las Sombrillas Bar is ideal for the reception or cocktail hour, with seating for 150 people, music, delicious food, drinks and staff, like all other areas. Los Almendros Terrace is more for an intimate dinner, or together with the pool area a spectacular party is armed. Club de Mar restaurant has a blend of Japanese and Mexican food and has space for up to 80 people seated and 150 people in cocktail format. The Pool Deck Area is the best place for ceremonies to happen because of its splendid ocean view. The nightclub, named Coco Wash, is definitely the place to continue the party until the body can’t hold anymore. What other reason do you need to have a fun wedding with fifties style?

Photos by Undine Pröhl

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