Dishing It Out: Eduardo Torres Ortiz, NIZUC

In Cancún, Dine, People by Suzanne Koch

Eduardo Torres Ortiz

Culinary Arts Professional at NIZUC



I draw inspiration from memories of my mother’s cooking and traditional Mexican cuisine. I really enjoy working on those flavorful memories and mixing traditional and avant-garde techniques.

I separate myself and my brand from others in this field by creating each plate with a personality. I find it most important to receive face-to-face feedback from our guests in order to improve our menus.

My greatest career achievement thus far is to have the opportunity to work for world-renowned restaurants and hotels and to stay ahead of the game as one of the best Mexican specialty chefs. However, it is most important to receive recognition from our guests for a well-developed menu.

People would be surprised to know that we provide a “sincere cuisine” at Ramona where the contributions to the menu are from each region of our country. 

My favorite way to enjoy an authentic meal in town is to try every place possible. There are vast options in town, each with its own essence. 

Tequila or mezcal? I love mezcal, a good straight one! A great mezcal cocktail makes me happy too.

I hope my greatest contribution to Mexico’s culinary scene is to continue the heritage of traditional Mexican cuisine and develop new trends that show the world unique and authentic flavors through my recipes.

This article originally appeared in the 2019 Fall/Winter issue of InMexico Magazine.

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