Naked Boutique at Mexico City

In Culture by Isabella Moreno

It’s no secret that Mexico City is a wonderful place full of culture, history and fascinating people. This big city is full of museums, parks, outside and inside activities and of course the entire city is filled with design, architecture, art and fashion. Increasingly, independent designers are opening boutiques around the city to show off at the bazaars or pop-up stores of the city. Supporting independent designers to create more improves the growth of the industry and therefore gives us new options to choose from including beautiful home accessories, to a variety of clothing you wear.

One of our favorite stores is Naked Boutique. It is located at the Colonia Roma in Mexico City. This shop carefully chooses the objects and pieces that it features. From jewelry, accessories and clothing including, Mexican and international designers, Naked Boutique has become a favorite shop for design and fashion lovers. If you are visiting the great Mexico City, don’t leave without checking out this store or by visiting their website now.

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