Influencer: Janet Jensen

In People by Suzanne Koch

As co-founder of the new Agency Los Cabos, Partner and Agent, Janet Jensen embraces the real estate market in Los Cabos with the fresh vision on where the real estate industry is heading.

Occupation: Real Estate Agent and Partner with The Agency Los Cabos. Helping people buy and sell real estate in Los Cabos

Title: Partner – Agent – at The Agency Los Cabos

Age: 50 something

Married/Single: Single – ‘preparing for the man’

City you were born in: Vancouver, British Columbia

City you live in: San José del Cabo

What brought you to Los Cabos: My Dad built a house here in 1991 – I came and visited and knew I had to live here. I moved here full time in 1996.

Why did you choose to work/live in Los Cabos: The weather is amazing, the people are the best, there is a sense of freedom and adventure which is so special to Los Cabos.

Your favorite place to go in Los Cabos: The ocean, the ocean, the ocean!

Your three favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Floras Farm just because…, Casa Natalia for oysters, One&Only Palmilla Hotel – Seared of Larbi’s

What made you successful: Dreaming big, speaking the truth, my great mentors, not taking things personally, being thankful, loving my family and friends – (both 2 and 4 legged friends)

Your most treasured possession: My dogs, surfboards and paddleboards, and my trombone

Something nobody knows about you: Played in a semi-professional big band with Diana Krall when we both were in high school and college

Favorite hour of the day: 7:00 a.m.

Your inspiration: Other people’s kids

Last thing you bought: A Daniel Espinoza Pendant at ‘One&Only’ Palmilla

Last memory you made: Surfing La Fortuna in December 2016 – waist and shoulder high waves – offshore winds and great friends!

Your worst habit: Using foul language to prove a point

Your first job: Collecting eggs at an egg farm

If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: I would be 21 again

Your future plans/next business venture: Share The Agency Los Cabos’ corporate culture with like minded agents, customers and clients.

Your life motto: Living is a thing you do now or never – which do you do? — Piet Hein

Your vision for the future of Los Cabos: Los Cabos will continue to attract people who love the desert and the sea for many years to come. It’s people and visitors will respect the balance between nature and progress, a most delicate balance which our planet is challenged with.

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