Venture Off the Eaten Path With Traveling Spoon

In Culture by Suzanne Koch

Going into 2020, food tourism is one of the top trends in the travel industry. More than 93-percent of travelers are food-focused, according to the World Food Travel Association. Traveling Spoon, a California-based company founded in 2013 by Aashi Vel and Steph Lawrence, is tapping into this delicious industry that serves to connect people with a destination’s history, culture and people.

Featuring authentic food experiences like market tours, cooking classes and home-cooked meals, the company is creating micro-entrepreneurs and giving money back to local economies. While usually only 15 to 25-percent of every dollar spent in tourism goes back to the locals providing the service, with Traveling Spoon, 65 to 75-percent of every dollar goes back.

All of Traveling Spoon’s experiences are private and 100-percent of hosts are vetted. Operating in 50 countries and more than 160 cities across the globe, the company has just launched 10 new destinations this fall plus announced new destinations and new food experiences for 2020, including some in Mexico.

New experiences throughout Mexico include:

The new experiences add to Traveling Spoon’s already offered array of food adventures in Mexico.

Traveling Spoon’s experiences range in price from $18 up to $246 per person.

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Feature Photo: Credit to Traveling Spoon

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