Tulum’s The Real Coconut Expanding to California

In Dine, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Suzanne Koch

Any fans of Sanara‘s The Real Coconut restaurant will soon be able to enjoy the healthy outlet in California. The first Real Coconut Conscious Kitchen will be located in Malibu with plenty of healthy options for catering events, delivery and dining. Scheduled to open in January, the brand has plans to expand to Los Angeles and Northern California after that, before ideally stretching into other parts of the country.

The Real Coconut’s Daniella Hunter (the brains behind the recipes) is also releasing a highly anticipated cookbook after receiving thousands of requests for the unique recipes which are focused on clean, digestive-friendly eats.

Hungry fans can shop the outlet’s popular grain-, gluten- and dairy-free coconut flour tortilla chips and tortillas at major retailers throughout the USA and now Canada and the UK in more than 2,000 food stores. The line is the only certified organic grain-free tortilla on the market. They’ve also just released their large tortilla wraps into Whole Foods stores in the southern Pacific region. If there’s not a store near you, shop the products online including an array of tortilla chips, tortillas and tortilla wraps.

For more information, visit: therealcoconut.com

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