6 Poolside Essentials

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Resort living is easy and breezy. A lazy vacation where the furthest walk you take is down to the sparkling infinity-edge pool and the toughest decision made all week is whether you want a margarita or a mojito are our types of getaways. For those truly dedicated travelers who plan on staking out a permanent spot at the pool, getting on a name-to-name basis with the pool server and getting five shades darker than intended, we have your must-have items from sun-up to sun-down. Whether you’re laying low at a chic boutique hotel, relaxing in a private villa Jacuzzi or sprawled out at an all-inclusive resort pool like at Marquis Los Cabos, we created a guide to all the (fun) essentials you’ll need this summer for dipping and diving.

Pool Floats
Float under the Mexican sun on a bright dessert treat or a tropical bird. There’s even some for your drinks, so your ice-cold margarita won’t miss out on the fun. Check out these favorite pool floats from Sunnylife.


Pineapple Tumbler
What’s a cocktail unless it’s served in a shiny gold pineapple? Sip stylishly with this summer-devoted tumbler.


Glam Sun Hats
Escape the heat of the day under the brim of a hat that really understands how you’re feeling. These Eugenia Kim sun hats make for the right amount of shade and the perfect amount of casual style.

Beachy Cover Ups
Strut to and from the pool in serious statement making pieces like these from Wildfox.

Underwater Camera
Why be limited to above-water photos? Dive in with this underwater camera to catch all the fun of your trip.


In-the-Know Reading
Post up poolside with the best reading material for any Baja vacation: InMexico Magazine. Catch up on all the latest and greatest spots to dine, relax and play in Cabo. Don’t have a copy? Find one in an assortment of Cabo locations or click here to get a free one!


For more information on Marquis Los Cabos, visit: marquisloscabos.com

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