La Senda Vegana -The Vegan Path

In Dine, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Isabella Moreno

The requirement of vegetarian and vegan options every day increases around the world, not because it is a supposed trending topic but for REAL global wellness. The awareness about the effect of meat production on the environment and on the overall quality of life is more open to collective knowledge and this causes new behaviors in the population. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan is not a fashion, it is the future and probably the lifestyle of new generations. Either inside airlines, at weddings, events or restaurants, vegetarian-vegan friendly meal options are required. This causes more restaurants and establishments that are purely vegetarian or vegan to be born every day in cities around the world.

Mexico is one country happily full of this vegan option. The selection ranges from street vegetarian food to high quality restaurants offering the most creative dishes with natural combinations. Along the Riviera Maya are already many establishments, and this type of life is carried out more and more by millions of people every day. From Cancun to Tulum, the options are almost equal in number to “regular” restaurants. The first of them to open an establishment in Playa del Carmen is the exquisite place called La Senda Vegana, which means The Vegan Path. 

It is a space that offers an ideal atmosphere to enjoy perfectly well-balanced dishes, produced with the highest quality in products—A L W A Y S  fresh! Refuting the myth about vegan food as a boring option, you will find everything from burgers, tacos al pastor and smoothies that will delight even the most demanding palates. Our recommendations are the lentil hamburgers, thai noodles and tacos of vegetables with pibil. Enjoy an option that will leave you satisfied, nourished and always with a smile after testing with the eyes the most colorful dishes of Playa del Carmen. An infallible recommendation!




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