Dance Like the Stars During Chileno Bay Resort’s LaBlast Weekend

In Los Cabos, Stay by Suzanne Koch

Before the holidays hit this year, get your body into tip-top shape during Chileno Bay Resort’s LaBlast weekend, November 8-11. The weekend will bring the popular dance fitness program to life in paradise. Led by Emmy-Winning Choreographer, three-time World Latin Dance Champion and LaBlast’s founder himself, Louis Van Amstel, the three-day event will get your heart rate pumping through dancing dinners, fitness classes and other health and wellness sessions.

Even if you’re not too knowledgeable on the world of dance, you’ve likely seen Louis Van Amstel’s moving across your television screen. During his time on Dancing with the Stars, he worked with celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Priscilla Presley, Niecy Nash, and even Sabrina Bryan during the show’s All Star Season. He also regularly choreographs for the show, as well as for So You Think You Can Dance.

In addition to line dances and tangos, the weekend will feature health and wellness events with Bibi Flores De Smith. As a Baja native, she is familiar with the skin effects of a dry desert climate and has become deeply invested in holistic wellness, developing Bibi’s Holistic Skin Care.

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