Dishing It Out: Javier Galindo, La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

In Dine, Los Cabos, People by Suzanne Koch

Javier Galindo

Executive Chef of La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

Los Cabos

Instagram: @chefgalindo

I draw inspiration from my mother, grandmother and cooks who for many years have been dedicated to sharing our traditions, ingredients and techniques.

I separate myself and my brand from others in this field by always highlighting the product, origin and traditions.

My greatest career achievement thus far is without a doubt La Lupita. It’s where I can see the expression of my kitchen and my experience reflected every day.

People would be surprised to know that a fundamental part of what we do every day is to achieve the tortilla we make. Making it possible for a tortilla to reach your mouth seems simple but you would be surprised to know the process and the love that goes into it. 

My favorite authentic meal in town to enjoy is street food. I have a great list of very simple and delicious places that it would be difficult for me to name one.

Tequila or mezcal? Mezcal. It is unique and full of colors and flavors.

This article originally appeared in the 2019 Fall/Winter issue of InMexico Magazine.

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