Grand Velas Los Cabos Will Raffle Off Lavish Taco and Tequila

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Grand Velas Los Cabos recently introduced a taco fit for a king and on April 28 a lucky diner will win the taco along with a shot of tequila from a $3.5 million bottle. The prizes will be offered at an event that benefits the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, a non-profit focused on the health of children in Los Cabos and the Southern Baja Peninsula. The evening will be that of a typical taquiza where Executive Chef Juan Licerio Alcala and his team have whipped up six new taco creations for the event. The tacos will be served with a variety of tequilas and attendees will have the exclusive chance to purchase raffle tickets that will enter them in to a drawing for the pricey taco and luxe tequila.


The taco, touted as the world’s most expensive, is filled with Kobe beef, lobster, black truffle brie cheese and Almas Beluga caviar, all stuffed inside a gold flake-infused soft corn tortilla. Along with containing an exotic caviar from an Iranian albino sturgeon that sells for $34,500, the taco will also be topped with salsa that’s made up of rare ingredients. The salsa is made with dried Morita peppers, Ley .925 Añejo tequila and kopi luwak, a coffee made from partially digested cherries that are gathered from the excrement of the civet, a wild cat found throughout Asia.

Wash it all down with a shot of “Ley Diamante,” a handmade 18 lb. bottle of tequila that took 10 months to create and is complete with 3.725 kilos of .925 pure platinum and 4,100 diamonds for a total of 328.59 carats. The tasty tequila is extra aged and is a unique blend of three-, six- and nine-year-old, white oak barrels; 100-percent agave; and 42-percent alcohol from the company’s own Los Altos de Jalisco Plantations. Surrounded by security guards, the fancy bottle, which will be insured, will rest on a velvet pillow and will be paraded around the resort alongside the taco.

Tickets to the event are $60 and additional raffle tickets are $30.

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