Walking Over Art at Studio Victoria

In Los Cabos by Isabella Moreno

Much of the beauty that gives sustenance to the magic of Mexico is the work that comes from the hands of craftsmen who work in the country. The hands that have created rugs, fabrics, ceramics, the field, food, mud and all materials which form the different colorful, special atmosphere of the rich spaces of the country.

In Mexico, there has been increasingly developed businesses that support and seek to benefit the work of the main and original creators of handmade beauty. Studio Victoria is located in Guadalajara and specializes in creating craft mosaic floors. Each tile is made by hand, piece by piece, creating unique objects by means of a mold. This company helps the integral growth of Mexican artisans and disseminates the talent of emerging designers.

One of the advantages of purchasing mosaics from Studio Victoria is the ease of making and creating a pattern of colors to fill your space and satisfy your desires. A team of designers can also advise you on any future projects you may have.

Products are friendly to the environment; recyclable packaging is used and the development of them does not use electrical energy or fuels. The tiles are a material that brings freshness to any space, because  the material can breathe and requires no special maintenance. All the designs are made up of Mexican patterns that have been modified to generate contemporary spaces with a greater freshness and a visual support to the aesthetics of any place.

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