The Friendliest Airport

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Flying into Cabo? Fly no farther than the Cabo San Lucas International Airport.

The only international private airport in all of Mexico to offer services to national and international clients is the fully equipped Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL). Ten minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, the airport is an official port of entry and is permanently staffed by government authorities. Its recent addition of a massive 32,000-sq.-ft. hangar is the new star of this airport, making it even more versatile and useful.

Diminish any stress at CSL that can come with a vacation, business trip or any form of travel. Guests can count on the airport to do it all; the staff the coordination of authorities, service, transportation and hotel reservation, to provide the smoothest experience, whether you’re staying or in-transit. Employees don’t work on tips, so you can expect excellent service from the moment you arrive to when you depart. The airport even offers nighttime operation as its schedule runs from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Popular among many people, including celebrities, CSL has been recognized and has even won multiple awards for quality and service including the No. 1 Mexican FBO in the 2015 Pilots’ Choice Awards. A true step up from any other airport in Mexico, the Cabo San Lucas International Airport is the perfect way to begin and end your travel to Mexico.

Fast Stats

  • 7,000-by-150-Foot Runway
  • 600,000 North Platform
  • 310,000 South Platform
  • Passenger Terminal
  • FBO Lobby
  • Full Security 24-7

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(Originally appeared in InMexico Magazine 2016)

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