El Callejon del Beso: Mexico’s Romantic Secret

In Magical Towns by Suzanne Koch

The city of Guanajuato is home to a local legend that rivals that of Romeo and Juliet and has become one of the town’s most beloved sites to visit. Popular among lovers, the romantic El Callejon del Beso (“the Alley of the Kiss”), tells the story of tragic love.

The Legend

The story goes that Ana helmed from a wealthy family and a strict, controlling Spaniard for a father who demanded she marry a wealthy man. Then one day, while walking the streets of Guanajuato, she met Carlos and the duo fell in love. Carlos, while handsome, was a humble miner from a poor family. But that didn’t stop the two from secretly meeting up every chance they could.

After learning of his daughter’s secret rendezvous with the young man, Ana’a father caught the pair together. Furious, he locked her in her bedroom, promising that she would marry a rich man from Spain.

Heartbroken Carlos went to visit Ana’s home, only to discover that her bedroom was located in an extremely narrow alleyway. An adjacent home’s balcony was within touching distance of her bedroom and Carlos was determined to make it his home to be close to his love. After going back and forth with the owner, Carlos collected ever last cent he had to purchase it.

Finally reunited, the pair promised to visit each other every night from the balconies. Until one night, the two were caught by Ana’s father and in a fit of rage he struck her in the chest with a dagger, killing her.

From there, the legends have different endings. Some say that Carlos tried to jump into Ana’s bedroom from the balcony to save her, but instead fell to the steps below, breaking his neck on the third step. Other legends say that he was so distraught over losing his love that he ended his life at La Valenciana Mine where he worked.

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How To Find It

Today, the narrow alleyway still exists and is one of the town’s most famous sites to visit. The third step is painted red and is said to bring good luck to couples who kiss on it.

To find the alley and the romantic site of the legendary love story, visit the Cerro del Gallo hill, an 18th century neighborhood home to the lover’s balconies. There’s even a small gift shop where Ana was said to live.


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