Influencer: Leticia Klein

In People by Suzanne Koch

Name: Leticia J. Klein

Occupation: Merchant

Title: Owner/Operator

Age: 78

Married/Single: Married

City you were born in: México City

City you live in: Los Cabos, Baja

What brought you to Los Cabos? My husband & I were in the hotel and tourism industry. After opening several beach hotels throughout México, we arrived in Los Cabos in 1980 to open the first hotel in San José del Cabo.

Why did you choose to work/live in Los Cabos?: One look at the place and we knew that our wandering days were over! It was love at first sight!!!

Your favorite place to go in Los Cabos: The estuary in San José, Santa María and Chileno beaches.

Your 3 favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Café Lolita, Nick San, Sunset Da Mona Lisa, respectively

What made you successful?:  Being in the right place at the right time and…lots of hard work!!!

Your most treasured possession: My family

Something nobody knows about you: I would have loved to be a professional singer!

Favorite hour of the day: Early morning & sunset

Your inspiration: My husband, my kids

Last thing you bought: A beautiful dress!

Last memory you made: Last days with my Mom

Your worst habit: Not staying as focused as I’d like at times.

Your first job: Receptionist at a hotel in México City

If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: I’d love to be younger so as to do many more things!

Your future plans/next business venture:  Keeping my Casa Vieja boutique running successfully

Your life motto: Keep going, don’t stop, you can do it!

Your vision for the future of Los Cabos: A wonderful tourist destination that will remain highly successful as long as we take care of our most precious asset: its pristine environment.

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