Mercedes Rodriguez, Naturalist, Archeology Tour Guide & Experience Creator at Gaia Experiences

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Mercedes Rodriguez is the visionary founder of Gaia Experiences, an enterprise that offers immersive tours showcasing the natural and historical wonders of Tulum and the Yucatán Peninsula. Mercedes shares:

“Growing up in Mexico City, my love for nature developed at a young age while riding horses with my grandfather through the pine and oak forest of Valle de Bravo. As fate would have it, my journey led me to Tulum, where my true passion came alive. Years of exploration allowed me to unveil the hidden secrets of Tulum’s and the Yucatán Peninsula’s natural and ancient history wonders, igniting a desire to create Gaia Experiences.

“My vision for Gaia Experiences is to bridge the gap between visitors from around the world and the authentic essence of Mexican culture, history and the priceless gems that our country holds. Tulum, with its pristine and magical places, serves as the beating heart of our experiences.

However, it’s not just about showcasing these remarkable destinations; it’s also about forming connections with the native inhabitants and local communities who are dedicated to preserving the beauty and magic of Tulum.

“With over a decade of experience as a registered naturalist tour guide, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the region’s breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage. Having spent more than 14 years living in Tulum, I’ve developed an intimate understanding of its essence. This enables me to offer exceptional and enlightening experiences to our guests.

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Tracks Of An Ancient Kingdom. Watch here!

“Tulum holds a sacred and awe-inspiring place in my heart. It represents the convergence of my love for nature, Mexican culture and history. Through my tours, I aim to provide a holistic perspective that delves deep into the region’s historical significance and environmental wonders. My genuine passion and dedication ensure that each person who joins me on a tour leaves with a profound appreciation for the magic that Tulum holds.”

Learn more about Mercedes below!

Name: Mercedes (Mer) Rodriguez 

Instagram: @merrc, @gaiaxperiences

Title: Naturalist and archeology tour guide and experience curator

City you live in: Tulum 

Most recent place I’ve traveled to is: UK and Ireland

My favorite place I’ve visited: New Forest National Park, England

My top 3 bucket list destinations: The Amazon, Costa Rica and Ushuaia

A typical day in my life includes… Walking my dogs, cooking and working 

Never… Hurt an animal

Favorite quote… “All I know is that I know nothing” —Socrates

My pet peeve(s)… People that scream with bugs

I draw inspiration from… Nature

I separate myself from others in my field by… Passion and respect to nature over profit

My greatest career achievement thus far is… Rescuing 50+ dogs

People would be surprised to know… I used to have a snake phobia

The project that I am most proud of is… Gaia Experiences

Biggest dream… Owning an animal sanctuary

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