Rafael De La Vega, Professional Kitesurf Instructor & Co-Creator of The Brave Company Mx

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Rafael De La Vega is a dedicated professional kitesurf instructor, a soul surfer at heart and a self-described wind and water action sports lover. Rafael has traveled extensively, exploring various water bodies in pursuit of the perfect conditions to merge with the power of nature. With a career spanning nearly a decade in the tourism industry, Rafael has excelled as a guest experience agent, offering invaluable assistance and friendly local insights to travelers with discerning tastes.

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He is also the co-creator of The Brave Company Mx, a venture that allows him and his team to share their lifestyle and expertise with those eager to experience the Mexican Riviera in a unique way aboard a classic ’83 VW Bus, named the Ninja Turtle. Currently, Rafael and his team are focused on organizing kitesurfing and surfing expeditions to remote, unexplored locations, catering to those looking to hone their skills, uncover new vistas and forge a deeper connection with nature.

Rafael’s approach to hospitality is distinct and inclusive, ensuring that experiences are both accessible and challenging for his students. His ability to balance ease and adventure allows participants to explore new horizons while achieving a sense of discovery and personal growth. 

Learn more about Rafael below!

Name: Rafael De la Vega

Instagram: @Bravecomx

Most recent place I’ve traveled to is: Popoyo, Nicaragua

My favorite place I’ve visited: Ericeira, Portugal

My top 3 bucket list destinations: 

1. G Lands Plengkung Beach, Indonesia 

2. Kanagawa & Hokaido, Japan

3. Pacasmayo, Perú 

A typical day in my life includes… Waking with a slow flow stretch and having some coffee and contemplation time, as I like to call it (grind and brew coffee, play music, read a book, enjoy sunrise). When my head machine is on, it’s time for life missions, catching up with the businesses’ to-do list and figuring out how to help my important ones is what I consider work. During the day at some point, body movement action is required to keep the monkey in shape. After the main missions are done, some kind of recreational activity is always in the mix. So yes, I’m that friend that is always down to play. To wrap up the day, I like to read and stretch before bed, if possible, since it helps me have a restful night and makes the dream realm go lucid. 

Never…. Take anything personal.

Favorite quote… You don’t stop surfing because you get old, you get old because you stopped surfing.

My pet peeve(s)… Mosquitoes, police officers and taxi drivers.

I draw inspiration from… Contemplating natural phenomena, such as sunrises and sunsets; brewing storms and rainy days; the flow of ocean and wind. Also, music keeps the vibe flowing.

I separate myself from others in my field by… Honesty and communication. Guiding the student by only teaching when the conditions are right and not only looking to profit from the countless hours that we can lose by talking nonsense (reaping their money). When it comes to these kind of sports you are weather dependent, so if you try to fly when the conditions are not there, your progress won’t be what it should. So, it’s important to be clear about expectations and how the game plan is going to be. I always set a clear goal with my students and adjust with personal instruction to get there. We all learn in different ways and conditions can change in any second, so it’s important to identify what works best in each given situation and adapt for the best outcome possible.

My greatest career achievement thus far is… Helped over a thousand humans experience a unique day in their lives. Flying changes lives.

People would be surprised to know… I believe I do astral journeys while lucid dreaming.

The project that I am most proud of is… The Brave Company Mx

Biggest dream… Utopia involves a surf lodge by the beach, where sea and mountain conditions are ideal for my hobbies, the community is active, responsible and respectful. A place where you don’t have to worry about getting hustled by the “law” or getting robbed by some selfish thieves, where the weather is not humid and mosquitoes don’t eat you alive. A place where healthy food, good music events and the smell of coffee are part of the local traditions. My dream is to be able to live in a place like this with my beloved ones and be able to share it with like-minded souls.

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