Tulum With Fashion Blogger Carla Nuñez

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Fashion and lifestyle blogger Carla Nuñez is sharing her fave picks from her recent visit to Tulum.

Was this your first time in Tulum? If so, was it what you expected?

It was my first time in Tulum and it was better than what I expected. It was beautiful!

Favorite restaurant or bar in Tulum?

To be honest, I loved ALL of them! I had the opportunity to go to Rosa negra, Gitano, Posada Margarita and many more. I really loved all of them!

Best thing you ate and drank?

This is a difficult one, I loved everything. But if i had to pick one I would say that I had the opportunity to eat all the pre-hispanic food, guacamole con chapulines, drink stool and many different plates that I never had tried before.

Best part of your trip?

I definitely enjoyed the cenotes. They are beautiful and I had never been to one!

Your 3 favorite things about the destination?

Food, vibe, architecture! I believe that those 3 things describe Tulum pretty well.

If someone is planning a trip to Tulum soon, what are your top 3 must-do recommendations?

Visit the cenotes, Casa Malca, and try new food and drinks. Don’t go with what you know! Be open to experiment new things.

Your No. 1 tip for first-time visitors to Tulum?

Enjoy every second you are there because when you leave you will want to be back again. So might as well enjoy every moment, drink and food while you are there! 


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