Deelum Launches in Tulum: Bringing Elevated Living to Mexico’s Organic Magnificence

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Deelum partners with Mexico’s top builders and architects to bring conscious luxury living that respects the native environment and culture.

Deelum is thrilled to announce its launch in Tulum, Mexico as a leading luxury real estate developer of high-end residential properties that pay homage to the area’s native history, culture and natural environment.


Deelum x Hudgins Design Group’s new luxury estate in Tulum features seamless indoor-outdoor living within the heart of the jungle.

Inspired by the natural beauty of Mexico, all of Deelum’s purpose-built luxury homes are carefully placed with intention in prime locations across Tulum that provide the best in privacy, security and comfort, all while coexisting in harmony within the breathtaking natural environment that Tulum is known for worldwide. These thoughtfully constructed properties within Tulum’s coveted new luxury community of Selvazama are designed to offer a unique sanctuary to call home.

Deelum’s founder, Michael Dee, and his team are renowned for developing elevated living spaces that are inspired by Mexico’s organic magnificence. With 25-plus years in the global real estate industry, Dee brings a wealth of exceptional knowledge and passion for creating sustainable and elegant living spaces to Deelum in Tulum.

Deelum is proud to partner with leading local developer Arturo López of Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM. Based in Puebla, Mexico, Improving Estrategias Integrales constructs commercial spaces and luxury homes across Mexico, now with a focus in Tulum. With more than 10 projects that are either in planning, design, obtaining permits or under construction—including the latest luxury estate in the newest community, Selvazama—Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of design and construction for industrial buildings and high-level consulting.

“Improving Estrategias Integrales SC/CDM shares our passion for creating naturally-inspired sanctuaries that are influenced by the organic magnificence of Mexico,” said Michael Dee, founder of Deelum. “We are proud to partner with a company that shares our values and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of design and construction.”

Deelum Architects

Deelum x Hudgins Design Group

Deelum is committed to ensuring that every home in its portfolio honors and lives in harmony with the natural surroundings. With this guiding principle, Deelum has hand-picked builders with a proven track record in each market and incorporated local materials native to the region into every home. The team pays meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every expectation is met, building not just dream homes but also long-lasting relationships and friendships in the process.

To help bring projects to life, Deelum has partnered with world-renowned architect Scott Hudgins of Hudgins Design Group, which has built a reputation for creating contemporary designs that focus on each project’s unique social, cultural and physical qualities. The award-winning design firm employs sustainable practices with the goal to create timeless spaces that positively impact people’s lives and connect clients to the natural environment.

Deelum and Hudgins Design Group are currently constructing one of the most exclusive estates to hit the market in Tulum. Located in a private community, the luxury home is set on five pristine acres within the heart of the jungle. 

Deelum x Hudgins Design Group

“All of our locations are designed to provide discerning clients with the perfect balance of privacy and luxury in prime locations across Tulum,” said Dee. “We take great pride in our firsthand experience living and working in Tulum, and our highly-valued local connections, which allows us to offer our clients the best in privacy, security and comfort while living in harmony with nature.”

Deelum is committed to giving back to the local community, and its guiding motto is, “The more you have, the more you should give back.” With this philosophy, Deelum is dedicated to creating elevated living spaces that are sustainable and elegant, while preserving the magical beauty of the natural environment.

“The more you have, the more you should give back.”

—Michael dee, founder of deelum

From luxury airport transportation to facilitating spa and dinner reservations, all Deelum residences offer top-of-the-line amenities to meet individual needs, while maintaining the elevated appearance, experience and sense of community that Deelum is known for throughout Mexico. The team believes in under-promising and over-delivering, making sure to find the perfect home for clients to make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact Michael and the team at Deelum today to learn how they can bring your dream space to life to create a true place to call home. 

Luxury isn’t a price! It’s an experience.

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