Tulum Land Values Poised to Surge by Up to 25%

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Tulum, the picturesque Mexican beach town known for its natural beauty, is set to witness a remarkable surge in land values, with an expected increase of approximately 20 to 25 percent.

Francisco Reyna Gómez, president of the ninth municipality of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), highlighted this exciting trend, attributing it to the rapid progress of infrastructure development and the influx of private investment into the region.

Gómez delved into the historical trajectory of land prices in Tulum, pointing out that a decade ago, the coveted Aldea Zamá area experienced an astounding fourfold increase in value. Similarly, several other regions enjoyed a commendable uptick of around 20 percent. However, the ongoing development of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, the Tren Maya railway project and the creation of the Jaguar National Park are poised to further enhance the allure of Tulum for potential buyers and sellers alike.

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According to Gómez, the most sought-after regions in Tulum, including region 15, 8, Selva Zama and Aldea Zamá, have witnessed the most substantial appreciation in land value. These areas, boasting proximity to tourist hotspots and pristine beaches, are currently experiencing robust development. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, they have become magnets for real estate enthusiasts looking to tap into the town’s remarkable potential.

“Looking back into the past, we can vividly recall a remarkable fourfold increase in land value on these plots,” says Gómez of regions 15, 8, Selva Zama and Aldea Zamá. “At present, it is palpable that many lands have experienced a commendable 15 to 20 percent increase in value, contingent upon their location. Undoubtedly, the ongoing infrastructure projects have contributed significantly to the appreciation of all areas, further bolstered by private investments in the real estate sector.”

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Looking ahead, Gómez projects a conservative estimate of a 25 percent increment in land value, driven by the visionary plans for the new Tulum International Airport, as well as future developments in in Tulum’s southeastern outskirts, including plans for a cutting-edge shopping center. These forward-thinking initiatives aim to attract a myriad of opportunities, solidifying Tulum’s position as a compelling destination for investment.

As the industrious entrepreneurs, vibrant real estate community and local population witness substantial transformations and monumental evolution in Tulum, a new era of prosperity and growth is unfolding across Tulum.

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