Immanuel Cape

Meet Immanuel Cape, the creator of Tulum Crypto Club

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Immanuel Cape is an entrepreneur originally from Germany, that has found his home in Tulum, where he has managed to combine his two passions technology and art, and has created the first crypto community in town. If you are curious about Crypto and tech this interview will clear some doubts.  

Name: Immanuel Cape

Instagram: @thefreedomrebel

Title: Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Photographer, Artist of Life

One thing I cannot travel without… My Polaroid Sx70 Vintage Camera

I’m inspired by… Travels, cultures, people and the breeze of the sea.

I was born in…Ludwigshafen, an industrial city in Germany.

My top 3 bucket list destinations: Mali, India and revisit Cuba.

How did Tulum Crypto Club started? After attending a speech by the CEO of Bitso I realized that there is so much education to be done within the community, and the online jungle of information can be very exhausting and it can disconnect us from each other sometimes. The idea of a real life meeting of crypto enthusiasts and those who wanted to learn, with our feet in the sand, sounded like a perfect idea to gather once a week, learn teach and help each other navigate in this very new and early space called Crypto.

What is Tulum Crypto Fest? Tulum Crypto Fest is a project that connects technology, innovation, culture and celebration. It is a place where people meet, learn, share and have life changing experiences and encounters. It is the Burning Man of Crypt conferences, a place to fully immerse and dive into this new, revolutionizing technology called crypto. JOIN US!

How do you combine Art and Crypto? NFTs are the best way to combine these two worlds, as you can create a unique piece that is validated through the blockchain and openly visible, smart contracts help to see who the original creator was, something that has not been so easy in the past. I love art and I love crypto, so bringing them together is something very amazing.

What do you like the most about Tulum? I like the bohemian lifestyle, the freedom, the beauty of nature blending with the digital nomad way of living and creating. The infinite possibilities there are here, always amaze me, the people it attracts, the opportunities it creates in this melting pot, with your feet in the white sand, is something very unique.

What has been the biggest achievement of Tulum Crypto Club? In 2022 we had over 1000 active members meeting, gathering and sharing in real life and online. It showed me the power of community.

What is a day like in your life? I wake up at 8:00 a.m., I workout or practice yoga to start the day in good posture and shape, then I bring my four year old son to school.  After that, I start getting some work done, calls, whatsapps, instagram, and some content creation. I love to be at home, with my cat, pool and a hot coffee. Around 3:00 p.m. I pick him up from school and spend some time playing, creating and eating. The evenings are mostly for me, I meet friends, go for a dance or have business meetings. In Tulum you never know, what might happen on an evening, there is so much to do, that often you have to be really careful how you invest your time.

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