Eli Scheier

Eli Scheier on the healing process through yoga and meditation

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The creator of “I Am Love” and “I Am Love Retreats” shares with us his motivation, how he started his spiritual process and how he connects everyday with the earth and himself, with the sole purpose of creating a better world for everyone to live in. 

Name: Eli Scheier

Facebook: Eli Scheier

Instagram: @elischeier @iamlovetulum

Website: www.iamloveretreats.com 

Title: Spiritual Psychology, Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Ivy League & Indian Ashram Trained.

I’m currently listening to… “Let it Rain” Mike Love

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… At first I thought the creator. But then after a moment I reminded that god is within me and there I sit with myself every time I have dinner. Then I thought about having dinner with myself as a young child. To let him know everything is going to work out and suggest him to spend less time worrying about things that never come to fruition, and that everything happens for a reason. But then I thought about it and wondered –If I tell myself, that everything happens for a reason and I shouldn’t worry so much, but isn’t it all the worrying that made me who I am today?—. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be my closest friend, laughing and being fully present. Friends that do not judge, and that being with them reminds me of my own amazingness and magic. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…Change the consciousness of the human race to care more about the environment and not try to exploit everything and everybody. 

The perfect day would be… A cliché.

My favorite place I’ve visited… From my journeys within, to laughing so loud and hard with friends, it doesn’t matter the location.  

How did your journey in yoga and meditation start? As a young child I questioned everything. What was so frustrating was the avoidance I encountered from adults because my thinking didn’t agree with them. Later in life, around 1990 I was in a gym in Manhattan and I saw a yoga class at the gym and I joined the class. I was hooked, my first real yoga class was at Integral Yoga. It is there that I started listening to the teachings of the 8 Limbs of Yoga and began to understand the spiritual path that was calling me. I studied in India, Israel, Bali and Mexico different traditions and cultures all following a spiritual path. Mindfulness, Patients, Presence and learning to not allow my thoughts to control me has been the greatest journey that I now share with everyone.

What is “I Am Love Retreats”? It is a platform for sharing, planting seeds and giving everyone access to tools that they can use to improve their daily lives. 

What has been the most rewarding experience during one of the retreats or consultations? When someone has an enlightenment moment and they can actually see the power and control we can have on improving our daily lives. It is then the real work begins —practice and repetition— to undo the operating system our mind has been using our entire lives and what we fall back on anytime we hit an obstacle coming from the track of fear. Also seeing the gift and magic each and everyone has within and them becoming an inspiration for everyone else at the retreat. 

What is the environmental and social commitment of “I Am Love”? Love is not something you do, Love is something you are. “I Am Love” is a philosophy or belief system that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and the power of love to create positive change in the world. The environmental and social commitment of “I Am Love” is centered on inspiring individuals to recognize their inherent connection to the earth and to each other, and to make choices that promote a more harmonious and loving world. The commitment of “I Am Love” is to plant a seed of love in every individual’s mind, reminding them that they are amazing and that they are love.By encouraging individuals to come from a place of love, “I Am Love” believes that people can better connect with the earth and harness their own ability to heal. 

What would you tell people that don’t believe in yoga, mediation or retreats? Through modern science and technology, we have bridged the gap between Spirituality and Science. What our ancestors were practicing and knew thousands of years ago, there is finally science and technology to prove the healing process that Yoga and Meditation has for self healing.   

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