Frida’s Wardrobe: Play Dress Up With Andaz Mayakoba’s Exclusive Experience

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One of the most influential Mexican artists, Frida Kahlo, was a passionate soul who not only expressed herself through her vivid art but also through her wardrobe. She was, in fact, one of the first to wear traditional Mexican clothing, integrating the bold culture into her fashion pieces wherever she went. She frequently combined European and Mexican clothing and even decorated her medical corset to be a wearable piece of art. When Frida was in San Francisco in the 1930’s, children used to ask her “where’s the circus?” in response to her flamboyant and loud clothing. At the time, Frida was known for her rebellious choices but has since been celebrated for it, making her a true icon of Mexican art and fashion.

As tribute to Kahlo and an exciting activity for guests, Andaz Mayakoba is introducing Frida’s Wardrobe, a fun photo experience that allows guests to play dress-up with Mexican-inspired clothing. Guests can experiment with different pieces, colors and textures while the whole experience is documented by Del Sol Photography who provides fine art images to take home.

Frida’s Wardrobe is just one example of the different ways that Andaz Mayakoba encourages guests to express their own style and is the perfect opportunity to take a piece of vibrant Mexican culture home.

Take a look below at some inspiring outfits on Gina Ybarra, of Hunt For Styles.

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