Give Back to the Community at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

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If your New Year’s resolution includes doing more good in the world then you’re in luck because Banyan Tree Mayakoba is offering new “voluntourism” opportunities as part of its “Meet For Good” program. Partnering with local charitable organizations, the luxury five-star resort has developed some socially responsible activities that mix the beautiful destination with cultural experiences that give back to the Riviera Maya community. Check out two of the offered experiences below.

The Gum: A Mayan Legacy: Learn about the chewing gum industry and its impact on the local economy with this day trip into the jungle to visit a gum camp. Participants will be able to hear stories from Mayan families about the practice and their indigenous culture through hands-on experiences of extracting and molding gum. Afterwards, the experience will take guests to the tranquil turquoise lagoon of Sian Ka’an to relax. The day is then topped off at the Muyil community center, an ancient historic site to enjoy a traditional Mayan meal.

Bee Part of the Melipona Community: This workshop provides groups an incentive to support the conservation of the Melipona bee, a stingless and endangered species sacred to the Mayans for its spiritual benefits. The workshop also provides an introduction to the cultural tradition of Mayan beekeeping through hands-on activities like soap-making with the honey.

The experiences are geared towards groups but the resort can arrange for private VIP excursions.

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