First Airline Routes Confirmed at the New Tulum International Airport

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As the travel industry buzzes with excitement for the December debut of the highly anticipated Tulum International Airport, airlines are already jockeying for a prime spot to connect the world to this Caribbean paradise of Tulum’s turquoise waters and ancient Mayan ruins.

Airline Aeroméxico has declared its commitment to touch down in Quintana Roo’s idyllic enclave on the very first day the new airport opens its doors—December 1, 2023.

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“This strategic move will significantly enhance connectivity with the picturesque Quintana Roo region, particularly with the captivating southern Riviera Maya,” Aeroméxico said. “This decision serves to fortify Aeromexico’s steadfast presence within the state of Quintana Roo. The airline [Aeroméxico] takes pride in offering unrivaled connectivity and premier service not only to and from Cancún, Chetumal and Cozumel but now extending to Tulum as well.”

Aeroméxico plans to have an ambitious 14 weekly flights operated by their top-of-the-range Embraer 190 aircraft between Tulum and Mexico City’s bustling International Airport (AICM). The airline said it plans to commit 221,000 seats per month, which is a 6% increase compared to its current operations.

“We are absolutely delighted to partake in the inauguration of this airport,” says José Zapata, Aeroméxico’s vice president of sales in Mexico. “Beyond the impressive facility that it promises to be, Tulum and the enchanting southern Riviera Maya are destinations cherished by many of our esteemed customers as their ultimate getaway.”

Furthermore, the airline emphasized that the new route isn’t just for locals. It’s set to benefit adventurers from far-flung locales, like Tijuana, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Toronto, San Francisco and Chicago.

Rendering of the new Tulum International Airport

Viva Aerobus will also have five new routes from Tulum International Airport, including both airports in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana. Viva Aerobus will fly daily from Mexico City International Airport and Monterrey to Tulum. The other three routes will have three weekly flights.

Meanwhile, on the political front, Mexican President López Obrador recently announced that the construction of the Tulum airport has progressed to a commendable 65%, a milestone given the project was announced in 2020. He also mentioned a standout route from the forthcoming state-owned, army-operated Mexicana airline, connecting Felipe Ángeles International Airport directly to Tulum. This is more than just another route—it’s Tulum finally stepping out from Cancún’s shadow with an airport to call its own.

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