Velas Vallarta Introduces Glass Blowing at Weekly Fiesta

In Play, Puerto Vallarta, Stay by Suzanne Koch

Originally brought to Mexico by Spanish artisans, glass blowing was first introduced in North America in the mid 1500s in Puebla, Mexico. While those original glass works were short lived, the craft was reintroduced to Mexico hundreds of years ago and has since become a staple of Mexican culture.

Now, guests of Velas Vallarta can witness the mesmerizing act of glass blowing at its weekly Mexican fiesta celebration. Local Mexican glassmiths, Luis Rosas Rivas and Juan Carlos Balseca Rivas, will blow and paint (respectively) glass figurines that will be available for guests to purchase. The weekly fiesta takes place every Sunday at the resort and features live music by a mariachi band, Mexican folk dancers, traditional Mexican fare and local artisans showcasing their work. Past exhibitions of the fiesta include Rosana Sanchez, Benito Santos, Melin Castro, Hoja Verde, Lyne Jewels, Alejandro Carlín, Juan Barba, Ricardo Duarte Mendez and Martha Collingnon.

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