Loose Blues

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located on Denmark street in Mexico City, Loose Blues is a concept store that develops around vintage. The store opened its doors in 2013 under the idea of Jacky Mota and Shota Kimora with the goal to educate the Mexican consumer to appreciate the quality of the products and become more particular, putting aside the productions of massive shops and businesses that are simply fleeting fashion. At Loose Blues each product is chosen individually, from art, objects and even a food section.

The Japanese brands that can be found in this shop are: Softmachine, Cut Rate, Antgauge, R models, The Barracks and Amabro as well as many US trends like Salior Jerry, Bandit Brand, Madewell, Elephantine and many more. In the jewelry section you’ll find the Mexican brands of Driguez and Be Love Projects.

The muses that inspired the women’s fashions are Jane Birkin, Jean Seberg and Diane Keaton, a secure and confident, tomboy-type style. The culture of the traditional American tattoo is the line by means of which is governed the male style. The intention of the shop is the timeless sense of objects and iconic, good quality clothing that lasts more than just a season, all with the aim to declare the meaning of individual personality for each customer. Loose Blues is a store in which you can live an experience that goes beyond the products.


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