Dishing It Out: Alberto Tristany, Kokoro Tulum

In Dine, People, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Suzanne Koch

Alberto Tristany

Chef of Kokoro Tulum at Copal Tulum Hotel


Instagram: @copaltulumhotel

I draw inspiration from my background in the Mexican military service which has given me the need of being excellent in any role I take. That’s the magic of my plates. I love to succeed.

I separate myself and my brand from others in the field by being disciplined in everything I do and the approach that I apply in every plate I create.

My greatest career achievement thus far is opening Kokoro Tulum. The CEO of Copal Tulum Hotel came to me in Mexico City after a dinner I cooked for him and offered me to leave everything behind and follow him to create this new revolutionary restaurant.

My objective is to make Kokoro Tulum a reference in Tulum and certainly the best Japanese restaurant in the Riviera Maya. We will be an extra reason to visit Tulum.

People would be surprised to know that I was part of the Mexican and Air Force Army.

My favorite way to enjoy an authentic meal in town is with my family.

Tequila or mezcal? Sake

My greatest contribution to Mexico’s culinay scene is being able to create a unique fusion of Mexican ingredients with Japanese cuisine. For example, introducing the Xcatic Chile, originally from the Yucatan Peninsula, in the ceviches I prepare. But the best way to discover my excellence is to come and visit us.

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