Hacienda San Antonio at Colima

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located at the foot of a magical volcano in Colima, Mexico; Hacienda San Antonio is wrapped up in an atmosphere of vegetation and is like no other place you have been. It is surrounded by lush gardens with diverse vegetation that exudes beauty everywhere. If you are looking for a space to enjoy a family reunion, special time with your significant other or a fun trip with friends there isn’t any other place more perfect than this. It is perfect to spend the holidays with your partner or your family, enjoying different outside activities and enjoying a Hacienda full of history, architectural details, textiles, decoration and simply exquisite gastronomy. The location enjoys a perfect climate throughout the year, which makes it even more enjoyable to be there any time of the year.

The philosophy of Hotel Hacienda San Antonio is based on keeping intact the spirit of a private family home, with the objective of demonstrating real life like it was lived in the Hacienda. Guests can enjoy everything from art, culture, music, gastronomy and a variety of activities, creating a unique and complete experience. Each one of the suites at the Hacienda has a similar style but still maintains a particular living identity, a style that characterizes each, with a different color palette and a feeling of harmony that is common among each one of them. The style is a demonstration of the high quality and enormous talent of the Mexican artisans. Each suite has a history and is reflected through the objects it contains. The Hacienda has a magnificent Yellow Bar Room, a nice and quiet library, a room to enjoy reading or watching a movie and a club room where the space is ideal for dinners, meetings and unforgettable events. This is the perfect living architectural space to enjoy a few magical days!

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