Xinalani Hotel Boutique in Puerto Vallarta

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Xinalani means “seeds” in Nahuatl and is simply the best boutique hotel for a vacation, a time to rest or for new adventures. This is the exclusive, luxurious and fresh Xinalani Boutique Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. If you are looking to relax, chill and be in contact with nature; practice yoga or feel a total welfare, you are in the right place. This wonderful area is built among the rainforest and a private oceanfront. Xinalani offers packages where everything is included for optimum enjoyment. There are packages of all kinds including ones for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends. Any person or group that is looking to enjoy a breathtaking experience, has the best option in this place.

This hotel is built under the philosophy to respect the context and the environment in which it is located, so therefore it is an ecological construction and maintains certain restrictions. Still, it is luxurious and features top-notch service. It is an eco-chic boutique hotel, which makes it preferred by many yoga groups who decide to use it for retreats, to reactivate life and deepen the learning that nature provides in conjunction with this practice. All the rooms feature a jaw-dropping sea view, healthy and delicious menus, a spa, and the best facilities, in addition to having a friendly and always helpful staff. In addition to all of the previously mentioned, the hotel also features different “eco-adventures,” with suitable spaces for different exercises and food for all types. You can learn or practice surfing and enjoy a holiday that will be unforgettable and surely will cause a transformation within and outside of yourself.






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