The Talented Designs of Rodrigo Noriega

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Finding inspiration in everything that surrounds him, the young industrial designer Rodrigo Noriega has created a well-known, recognized brand in Mexico. The designer is a graduate from the School of Design Center, Cinema and Television. Since graduating, he has found himself experimenting with shape and materials to create new pieces that express something and that can be felt with the soul. The relentless pursuit of Rodrigo Noriega has led him to constant innovation and has resulted in him being recognized with different awards and invited to participate in major events like Zona MACO, Design Week Mexico and Mexican Open Design. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented Mexicans in the design field.

His consolidated work at such an early age has led him to work with brands such as Scribe, Adidas, Absolut Elyx, Amphora, Dimitri, SicoModa in Casa and many more. His methodology used is by means of analysis and by daily inspiration of everyday actions.

“I’m at a stage of daily observation and experimentation of new materials and processes. I like challenges, out of the conventional and of what is happening. I am always observing nature to discover new forms.”


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