Discover RAMIA Tulum: Where Luxury Meets Smart Conscious Living

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Nestled on the picturesque coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where the lush jungle envelopes the enchanting town of Tulum, a new era of luxury and sustainable living emerges: RAMIA by Tulum 101.

This new master-planned community is where the most modern and luxurious amenities of today meet the eternal mystique of Tulum, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, archaeological treasures and harmonious coexistence with nature.

Exclusive & Sustainable Community

RAMIA at Tulum 101

Slated to open in 2026/2027, RAMIA by Tulum 101 is a master-planned luxury community by premium real estate development company Inmobilia. RAMIA will be a testament to luxury living that leads with care for the environment by implementing sustainable building practices and promoting a lifestyle integrated into Tulum’s natural surroundings.

Featuring 71 exclusive lots that will range in size from 280 to 375 square meters, 60% of the land will be dedicated green areas. The RAMIA community will be private access only with round-the-clock security.

“Tulum 101 is set to be the most private, yet inviting, place to call home on the planet,” says Michael Dee, CEO of InMexico and Deelum Developers. “With the amount of jungle preserved and the first-class amenities, there is nothing better in Tulum this close to the beach.”

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Elevated, Eco-Conscious Living in the Heart of the Jungle

RAMIA clubhouse & swimming pool

Organic elements will breathe life into integrated spaces, materials and textures, while the latest smart technology provided by the smart home automation experts at Wipliance will enhance day-to-day living.

“The streets, trees and lighting of Tulum 101 master planning create and magical and unique natural procession to the RAMIA enclave,” says lead architect Scott Hudgins of Hudgins Design Group, who is designing some of the villas at RAMIA and whose award-winning architecture firm employs sustainable practices with the goal to create timeless spaces that positively impact people’s lives and connect clients to the natural environment.

“As you arrive to RAMIA the organic shapes and materials connect the human experience to the oasis and surrounding amenities,” says Hudgins. “This circulation progression allows the visitor to be connected to the land and the architectural designs should further enhance this experience. From an architectural perspective, this creates an incredibly special design opportunity.”

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Prime Location & Connectivity

Located where the ocean kisses the jungle, RAMIA offers a plethora of cultural, social and natural experiences. With Tulum’s pristine beach a mere five-minute jaunt away, the archaeological wonders of Tulum 14 minutes away and the vibrant Playa del Carmen under an hour’s drive, connectivity is a luxury residents can either choose to indulge in or retreat from at RAMIA. Even more, the highly anticipated Tulum International Airport, set to commence operations this December, further elevates the accessibility of this eco-luxury haven.

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World-Class Amenities

RAMIA outdoor gym

At RAMIA, the amenities will boast a blend of luxury and eco-consciousness, featuring a clubhouse, swimming pool, contemplative pools, recreational areas, meditation sanctuary, natural walking trails, children’s playground, a gym surrounded by nature, an urban orchard and vegetable patch, and more. Every feature is meticulously crafted to elevate the quality of life of its inhabitants, making RAMIA a harmonious symphony of design, ecology, art, wellness and health.

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Have Your Own Slice of Paradise

RAMIA garden

RAMIA is not just a development but a living canvas painted with the vibrant hues of luxury and sustainability. With the real estate industry experiencing a robust 6.4% annual growth in this Riviera Maya gem, Tulum has become a sanctuary for those seeking high ROI, capital gains, and a life enveloped in paradise.

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Private meditation spaces at RAMIA

Seize this golden opportunity to be a part of the RAMIA community, where luxury meets sustainability in the heart of paradise.

Contact Michael Dee for presale opportunities by texting or calling him on WhatsApp:

USA cell 1-602-793-3002

MEX cell +52-984-177-7066

Email Michael at and follow on Instagram @michaelsdee

Walking paths integrate with nature at RAMIA

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